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Solution in the interest of Café Gagarin

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Dear Gagarin Collective!

In the context of our labour dispute together with your former worker, we have had a lot of time over the last few weeks to think things over very carefully. And we are now fully convinced that our union made a huge mistake in demanding that you comply with any minimum labour standards. We have now realised that if the employers are (anti-)politically close to us, we should give up sick pay – sick leave is so 20th century! The fact that marginal employment workers get 13th and 14th wages and holidays is also knowledge that should not be spread in „left“ circles. It was irresponsible of us to publish this information. It is unthinkable what will happen if all „alternative companies“ are now confronted with workers who know their rights.

Our idea that fought-for minimum bourgeois standards should also apply to cool projects was completely off the mark. Sorry! But even more blatant was our assumption that if we demanded 5000 euros for our comrade out of the roughly 28,000 euros the Gagarin saved itself in the 30 months of employment, that you would then be interested in an out-of-court solution.

Through your persistent refusal to communicate with us, we have had the opportunity to work on ourselves and to realize that no minimum standards should apply to alternative projects! As you have rightly told us, it is not at all your business that people’s residence status depends on their job and therefore your practices. What is important is the project and being part of it. It is not your fault that in capitalism people are economically dependent on their jobs. And besides, everyone knew beforehand that Gagarin doesn’t respect collective bargaining agreements. They all got involved voluntarily. The fact that some of them don’t even know the language is also their problem, not yours. As you rightly said, we simply haven’t understood how Gagarin works yet!

But what really gave us the final push to understand your position were your additional activities of the last weeks. The fact that you want to ally yourselves with another hierarchical company against the WAS showed us that we have driven you into the arms of the class enemy through our stupid activities. The letter from the Chamber of Commerce, and especially the letter from your lawyer, made it clear to us once and for all that we can no longer hold any rallies in front of the Gagarin and that we must delete all previous articles on the case. We are morally obliged to do so! After all, you can pay whatever you want for organic cheese noodles, how dare someone demand for payed holidays! And last but not least, you have also intimidated us financially. We didn’t realize before that companies could try to use expensive injunctions against trade unions, their public information, and rallies.

In any case, we will stop all actions and soon censor all information on this case, as your lawyer has asked us to do. In addition, all trade union activities will be stopped. In the future, we will also stop accepting Eastern European migrant women into our union who only want to denigrate our cool left and autonomous projects. After all, they can only „betray the family“!

Finally, we want to publicly apologize for all the mistakes we have made. We hope that in the future we will be able to feel closer to movements and groups in Vienna again, as we will leave behind us all deranged talks about economic dependency relations in capitalism. We also intend in future not to worry ourselves with the real concerns of our members, and not to take their material conditions seriously. We rather want to limit ourselves to important campaigns for far away things we have nothing to do with. Maybe it will be the situation of Senegalese small farmers, or baby seals north of the Arctic Circle, … that is not yet clear.

We hope that you can accept our apology and that we will not make such a terrible mistake as a union in the future.


Your trade union Vienna Workers‘ Syndicate

P.S. Did you imagine something like this as an answer? Sorry, you can forget about that! We recommend you to get in touch with us and consider other possibilities.

Article published on November 15, 2022. Can be copied with source reference.