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Are you annoyed about cuttings in your wages, even if you are organized in a big union? The works council pretends doing something but nothing is happening? There is nobody you can rely to because you are in a precarious employment?

WAS-cat(1)What does „union“ mean to us?

Workers got to connect and fight together for better wages and a society grounded on freedom for everyone and solidarity. We don’t need permission of the state or companies for that.

Union for whom?

Most people living on this planet have nothing to sell but their labour. We are workers, there is no better word for it. People like us

  • are in regular, precarious, false self-employed or lawless working conditions
  • have jobs, are unemployed, are in education, do „private“ care-work or have to do forced labour by the state
  • have all genders, sexual orientations, national or religious heritage, age or physical conditions

Hierarchies and forms of rule – patriarchy, racism, nationalism, competition, pressure to perform – are separating us workers and incite us against each other. We are forced to knuckle down and knuckle down others. We fight against this system! We fight for solidarity!

And what differentiates us between regular unions?

  1. We respond quickly to a concrete situation and condition and the individual needs.
  2. Every member can participate.
  3. Our structures are transparent, independent and grassroots democratic.
  4. There are no leader committees, no paid functionaries and there is no bureaucracy and therefore no corruption.
  5. Our syndicate and groups are making decisions which concern them independently. Common decisions are made together. There is no central institution.
  6. We believe in active solidarity and direct actions. Not any form of representation.
  7. Support for our members is fast and uncomplicated.
  8. We are connected to other anarchist unions worldwide. Our solidarity is beyond national borders.
  9. We do not depend on political parties or other representation institutions, like common unions.
  10. Our perspective for the future: Every person should organize her or himself. At the working place, in housing, and other places. There can be free associations between cross-regional federations, which can improve our working condition and grow independence from the state and other authorities. Also we can learn how to create a solidary, ecological and grass-root structured economy within the old unjust society. When capitalism is gone, we will already have everything we need.

A society without authority and wage slavery!


Statutes of the WAS 2019 (German, pdf file)


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